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ruffled feather jewelry

pauline Phillips



I am an artist. I have created art in multiple forms throughout my life. I have made drawings, paintings, prints. I am presently creating art in the form of jewelry. Jewelry is a deeply personal way of connecting with other people.  I am expressing my "self" when I create a piece. You express your "self" when you wear a piece of jewelry. It is an experience shared. It is tactile. It is individualistic. It is powerful. I love the connection my art/jewelry creates between me, as the artist and you, the wearer...and from you, the wearer to others! When a woman wears a piece of jewelry she is making a subtle but very powerful statement about herself. Jewelry truly is an expression of a woman...a woman's personal adornment speaks about her before she ever begins talking. I try to create jewelry that speaks quietly, with a simple power and sophistication with a nod towards traditional forms of art. I often use stamps in my designs. The stamps are handmade by several generations of Navajo artisans. These artists inspire me. They inspire my art. When I use these stamps while designing my jewelry, there is a connection to the traditional shapes and motifs of Native American jewelry while transitioning into new forms of narration. I hope when you wear a piece of my jewelry you feel powerful and beautiful and deeply connected to art and artists and yourself.

"jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear."

---Iris Apfel


All of my earrings are designed to highlight a woman's face. Some are dramatic. Some are small and dainty. All can be worn during the day at work, casually at lunch in a t-shirt and jeans with friends, or out on the town with your beloved in an elegant dress for a divine evening. All are handmade using sterling silver and other embellishments such as 14K gold filled or jeweler's brass. Be dramatic. Be simply beautiful. Be you.

cuffs,bracelets and bangles

I absolutely love making these bold sterling silver cuffs and bracelets! When worn individually they are stunning. When worn in a grouping...they definitely make a powerful statement. Be bold. Be empowered. 


Presently I am having a lot of fun designing sterling silver pendants in animal shapes. Horses, rabbits, butterflies, fish...and so many more to come! Have a favorite animal? Let me know. Maybe I can design a piece just for you. Pendants can be purchased with an accompanying handcrafted necklace or on a sterling silver chain. Be graceful. 


All of my distinctive necklaces are created using semi-precious stones, precious stones and metals along with vintage (late 1880s - 1920) Venetian or French seed beads. All of the connections and clasps are either sterling silver or 14K gold filled. Necklaces come in a variety of lengths. Some are single strand subtle elegant necklaces. Some are designed as multi-strand statement pieces. all necklaces can be worn as it is...or...add a pendant. Be glamorous. 


contact me for a handcrafted piece.

if you have any questions 

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Ruffled Feather Jewelry
P.O. Box 148
Toledo, Washington 98591
[email protected]